Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I read some documents?
Most files on this website are PDF (Portable Document Format) files.
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What are the Lakewood Ranch Assessments on my tax bill?
Your Manatee County tax bill may have up to two seperate items pertaining to the Lakewood Ranch Community Development Districts, which will show on the bottom portion of your bill under non-ad valorem assessments. Everyone who owns a home in Lakewood Ranch will have a Community Development District Operations and Maintenance assessment (Lakewood Ranch CDD). Homeowners who have not paid off the infrastructure bond will also see a second item called Lakewood Ranch I & S.
What is the difference between Lakewood Ranch Phase I and Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District?
Lakewood Ranch, Phase I consists of all of the Lakewood Ranch Community Development Districts and their Homeowners' Association counterpart. This includes: CDD1 and SRVA; CDD2 and CEVA; CDD4 and GBVA; CDD5 and CEVA; and CDD6 and CCWA. The Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District falls outside of the Lakewood Ranch, Phase I boundary. The IDA, CDD's, or HOA's do not have any jurisdictional authority or management responsibilities for the Stewardship District.
Why is there no CDD3?
Community Development District 3 was a commercial CDD and was dissolved pursuant to County Ordinance 08-73. The Lakewood Ranch Town Center Owners' Association (TCOA) assumed the governing responsibilities of CDD3.