Government in the Sunshine

Government in the Sunshine

Florida’s sunshine laws provide for three basic meeting requirements:  1) meetings must be open and accessible to the public; 2) reasonable public notice must be given; and 3) minutes must be taken.  According to statute, a meeting is any gathering, whether formal or casual, involving two or more members of the same board, where a matter which will foreseeably come before the board for action is being discussed.  This includes any type of exchange between members including letters, phone/voicemail, text, chat, e-mail, the use of an intermediary, internet discussion groups, etc.

Each of us has the opportunity and the right to be involved in the decision making process of our local government officials. To learn more about Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine statutes, visit


Public Records Disclosure

State of Florida Public Records Law

Please note: Under Florida law, most written communications with the Lakewood Ranch Inter-District Authority and the Lakewood Ranch Community Development Districts are considered public records. Therefore, your communications with staff or officials or information submitted to this website, including your contact information, may be subject to public disclosure in response to a public records request.

Making a Public Records Request

Per Florida law, public records do not have to be submitted in writing.  You can phone (941) 907-0202 with your request, stop by Town Hall at 8175 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202 and make your request in person, you can send correspondence to the aforementioned address, or you can send an e-mail to  For your convenience and information, please read the IDA's Public Records Policy .


Chapter 119 (Excerpt) Public Records


Public Records Custodian Contact Information:

Marie Thompson, Clerk to the Boards

8175 Lakewood Ranch Blvd.

Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

Email: or

Office: (941) 907-0202 X247

Fax: (941) 907-0211