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Theme:  “Get Wild, Bee Friendly”


Welcome to our gardening website. We are a member of the National Garden Club, Inc. (NGC), Deep South Garden Club (DS), and Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. (FFGC). The Lakewood Ranch Gardening Club meets the second Monday of each month, September through May, at Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, 9:30 a.m. or departs from Town Hall for field trips to a garden or nursery. Please see calendar and programs for topic, date, time, and location.

Guests are always welcome and membership is open to everyone, singles or couples. You do not have to live within the Lakewood Ranch Community to be a member. Please contact Lori Walker, (941) 727-7483, Email: loriwalker263@gmail.com for more information on membership or any programs.

Our members have maintained our Florida Friendly/Native Garden for 10 years through our member’s knowledge and hard work. The garden is located behind LWR Town Hall. We work on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, in the morning. Check the maintenance schedule tab to your right. A picture of our garden filled with Florida friendly and native plants is on the left. Our garden has matured; trees and shrubs have grown and the ensuing shade has not been conductive to Florida Native Plants. We have been experimenting with interesting shrubs and combinations of native and Florida friendly plants for a pleasing palate of color and texture. We plan to make this an ongoing project as we discover a variety of plants growing in the shade and tolerate our Florida climate.

Lakewood Ranch asked us to design and plant an additional new area abutted to our garden and that precipitated our decision to redesign our old garden to compliment the new garden. We have expanded its size by dedicating a Memorial Garden to our beloved members who have passed away. You are welcome to come out, socialize, and learn about our Florida Friendly/Native Garden plants. There will be opportunities to take clippings of plants to transplant to your own garden.

Our objective is to promote the beautification and improvement of our own gardens and the surrounding areas and to educate ourselves concerning the growing of plants, flowers, and shrubbery in this area of Florida concerning horticulture, conservation, and environmental protection.

Our hands-on programs include a holiday arrangement to donate to Meals on Wheel and gift baskets to a local mission, mounting orchids, and learning floral design.

Our projects:
This year we have varied projects. Two of our new projects are: LWR Community Garden, participating in the local Health and Wellness Expo, and LWR Community Garage Sale.

The LWR Garden Club will have its own vegetable plot within the LWR Community Garden.  We will grow the vegetables and then donate them to a local mission.  This will help others to have fresh vegetables on their tables and promote a healthy diet.

Lakewood Ranch is hosting a Health and Wellness Expo this year and we are participating. Herbs will be on hand at our display as well as literature for the public. In this way a healthy diet for the general public and getting acquainted with growing them. 

Penny Pines is a meaningful project to help replant trees damaged by fire or a Florida natural catastrophe.  Our donation will help Osceola National and John Bethea State Forests.  Click here for Penny Pines website

Since we live by the ocean, what better way to help the sea gardens, then to donate funds to the Coral Restoration Foundation, so they can grow Staghorn and Elkhorn coral in the Florida Keys.  http://www.coralrestoration.org/

For those of you who buy items on Amazon.com, please go thorough FFGC website.  https://ffgc.wildapricot.org/  They have a link to Amazon that arranges for FFGC to receive a percentage of the items you buy.  This helps fund FFGC projects like Coral Restoration Foundation.  


We would like to see one of the local children attend Save the Earth's Environment through Knowledge Conference (SEEK) and Camp Wekiva through our club's sponsorship.  We support these two programs with our collection of Labels for Education at each meeting.  Our club members are also requested to bring tabs from cans to help support Ronald McDonald House, we bring one gallon containers and wine corks to help local 4-H youth programs.


We will demonstrate our holiday spirit when we deliver the arrangements we make for a local charity and beauty supplies for Stillpoint.  


We will be actively encouraging people in our area to join the Lakewood Ranch Garden Club.  


We are going to have a busy year but as we finish projects this year, we will have a camaraderie among our members that develops from fun, we will expand our knowledge of gardening, and our community.



Lori Walker
Email: loriwalker263@gmail.com
(941) 727-7483

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